Service Description

FormSolutions is a hosted software service (a.k.a. software as a service, SaaS) allowing users to create online forms (a.k.a web forms) with our online form maker, embed forms onto their website or access them by their FormSolutions.com URL, and retrieve submitted form data by any technical means documented on this website and supported with their service plan. We (Syronex LLC) offer the web form service ("FormSolutions") under several service plans; FormSolutions Free, FormSolutions Pro, and FormSolutions Business.

Acceptable Use

FormSolutions may not be used on websites promoting racism, involved in gambling, spamming, web forgery, and more generally illegal activities FormSolutions Free users may not embed forms on the landing page of an online advertising campaign (e.g. Google Adwords). FormSolutions Free may not be used on websites containing adult content. FormSolutions Free users may only publish forms on publicly accessible websites. FormSolutions Pro and Business customers may also publish forms on password protected pages and intranets. We do not allow the use of the FormSolutions Free service on websites collecting sensitive personal information such as detailed identity, financial details, or wealth-related information. This includes, but is not limited to, any websites in the domains of financial services, health, insurance, real estate & property rental, and legal services. We invite anyone concerned to upgrade their account to FormSolutions Pro or FormSolutions Business. Information submitted via web forms is transmitted over standard, non-secure web protocols, and we therefore prohibit the use of FormSolutions to communicate confidential information. FormSolutions Business customers can set up secure forms. Each user, whether a company or individual, may only create one FormSolutions Free account. We reserve the right to suspend web form accounts for which resource usage is deemed by us to high (if you believe this may apply to you, contact FormSolutions Support). FormSolutions Free service may not be resold or provided to a third party, unless explicitly authorized by us.

Embedded Web Forms

We allow web publishers to embed forms on their own website or blog. FormSolutions Free users are not permitted to move, alter, remove, or hide the attribution notice "Form by FormSolutions" or the link to our Privacy Policy that appears below their forms. No credit notice is shown on forms attached to FormSolutions Pro and Business accounts.

Use of Form URLs

Each web form can be accessed by a unique URL on FormSolutions website. The following restrictions apply to the publication of such URLs. Form URLs may only be published within opt-in bulk emails by verified form owners. Form URLs may not be published within unsolicited and opt-out bulk emails. Form URLs may not be published on internet forums or newsgroups where this could be seen as off-topic or spam. The same restrictions apply to any URLs redirecting to a web form. FormSolutions Free users may not publish form URLs in Adobe Flash content, HTML frame, or popup window.

Account Cancellation

Users may cancel their account by deleting all the web forms in the account. Inactive accounts with no forms associated will be deactivated. Cancellation of a FormSolutions Pro or Business account will discontinue all future billings. Subscription fees are payable in advance and non-refundable. FormSolutions may suspend or terminate an account without notice in case of breach of the terms of use.


We provide this service (FormSolutions) “as is”, in the hope it will be useful to you, but without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. We reserve the right to withdraw part or all of the service at anytime, without notice. We invite you to contact FormSolutions Support for all inquiries regarding FormSolutions terms of service.

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